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In the restaurant industry, complying to food safety standards is a must, but not always clear-cut. In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly committed to knowing the quality of their food and where it came from. S2C provides an easy method for keeping up-to-date with regulations and providing transparency to customers. Our platform will help you source quality products and easily update your menu items continuously to maintain regulatory compliance. Our unique S2C QR codes displayed on your menu will allow customers to view the details of any item’s ingredients and origin with a simple scan on their mobile devices. 

Grocery Stores

In the food retail industry, keeping track of inventory, deliveries, and product shelf-lives is vital and ongoing. Tack on the ever-changing food safety standards and the increasing demand for fresh, quality products, and you have quite a complex task at hand. S2C is here to provide a simplified method for complying with government regulations and ensuring quality food is on your shelves, while providing customers with the transparency they desire. Our platform is your guide to obtaining reliable and compliant products from authentic sources, with clear and detailed data points from production, pickup, and delivery to your retail location. Employees and customers can scan our unique S2C QR codes to view the  details of the items on your store shelves. 

How It Works

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